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What it is?

This is a standard dotnetnuke module which can be use to invite friend or tell friends about the website information. Those information may be useful for the users' friends. we can call it "Email Friend" or "Invite your friends" or something similiar one. Right now it support the template engine so you can utilize the token mechanism to implement some custom defined email message.

1) Template engine and Token support( Your DisplayName, Your Email, Friend's Name, Friend's Email, Custom Message( including Parameters )
2) Ajax validate

Recommendation is free! Use it, live it, love it. The more feedback I get, the better this module will continue to grow so leave feedback people! That’s all for now.

1) Ajax ( Popup Mode )
2) Convert it into a Skin Object

Screen shot:

How to use it?
you can follow those steps below when you decide to use the module:
1. install it with the installation package similiar to any other standard dnn module.
2. make sure you had configured the email template in "Module Options" page before you launch this module in public:

Please note that:
Show Message Box : whether display the message box so the user can add note to attach in the invitation email.
Message Template : the main body of email template which can be customized by the token tags. Right now thers exist 4 tags token: [FRIENDNAME], [YOURNAME], [PAGELINK], [YOUREMAIL].
Custom Mesaage : here you can configure some useful information for your other target, i.e introduce your website services or products. It also can be customized by the token tags.
3. apply the configure and the module will work as expected. Enjoy. :)

Module In Usage:
The professional provider of DotNetNuke support, skin design and custom module development.

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